About Us

Devising interactive experiences from intimate yet stylish workshops, right through to large-scale PR stunts and immersive launch activations. Born out of a longing for more unique and varied creative moments across parties, in-store, members clubs and festivals the studio set about creating their own. 

Bridging the gap between arts and events, Heaps + Stacks are often sought out for their high detail and rich design aesthetic. 

Their work celebrates the talent of genuine artists and craftspeople who help them to create something very intricate and one-off to perfectly compliment their clients tastes.

As a boutique agency, Heaps + Stacks offer a highly personal service, with carefully considered production from design through to delivery, making sure to always achieve and astound clients and guests alike. 

Heaps + Stacks client list spans across fashion, lifestyle and property portfolios amongst others, with the team of talented producers having executed international concepts for the likes of: Facebook, Nike, Google and The Soho House Group. 



Heaps + Stacks offers a complete project management service for a diverse range of events. We also offer a number of customisation options, which can happen live at your next event.

1. Heaps + Stacks Services - Cultural Programmes

Cultural Programme

2. Heaps + Stacks Services - Global Event Management

Global Event Management

3. Heaps + Stacks Services - Interactive Workshops

Interactive Workshops

5. Heaps + Stacks Services - Set Design + Construction

Set Design + Construction

4. Heaps + Stacks Services - Venue Sourcing

Venue Sourcing

6. Heaps + Stacks Services - Catering

Catering Services

7. Heaps + Stacks Services - Lighting Design

Lighting Design

8. Heaps + Stacks Services - Sound + Vision

Sound + Vision