D&AD x Heaps + Stacks

D&AD and Heaps + Stacks have joined forces to create an exclusive event designed around kickstarting your new year with a fresh perspective. Join us for an evening set to restart you and your mindset while delving into D&AD and Heaps + Stacks' 2019 plans. 

We will lead a Panel discussion, 'How Can We Design The Future' with leading industry experts, followed by a taster D&AD Masterclass with Kate Rees focusing on Resilience in the creative industry. This session will leave you feeling fuelled with motivation, ready to tackle the year ahead while equipping you with the skills to turn adversity into opportunity. 

We will be programming the evening with a number of drop-in sessions, showcasing some new workshops that will encourage you and your team to push your creative boundaries.

Sessions will include: 

  • Try something new:  “Freak-e-bana” style flower arranging 

  • Reflect: Bullet journalling 

  • Power Up: A herbal pill blending session

  • Read More Books: Sonder and Tell share their reading library 

  • Eat Locally: with meatless meat-like burgers and a hydroponic bar

keziah brown