Maybelline inaugurated 12 new bloggers from across the world for their annual Maybelline Gang: #MaybellineItGirls, and shipped them over to London for a fun filled few days.

The girls explored landmarks centred around the Instagrammable Curtain Hotel, in the stylish hub of Shoreditch, and made sure to leave their mark.

Throughout their stay, Heaps + Stacks produced workshops focused on Maybelline’s new product launches.

Workshops included were: stencilling and personalising their own custom raincoat; monogramming and graffitiing wellies, bespoke tattoo designs that could either be temporary tattoos, or, for those less squeamish: Jordan Baxter, from Frith Street Tattoo shop, known for its cult following and celebrity clientele. was on sight to tattoo the girls chosen design for life!

Programmingkeziah brown