Heaps + Stacks were asked by Hope & Glory to design and produce the UK’s first vegan butchers for Sainsburys Meat Free products. 

Launched by Sainsbury’s to coincide with World Meat Free Week, the three-day pop up in Bethnal Green, London, looked just like a conventional meat butchers at first glance.

However, the "meaty" cuts, joints and strings of sausages found in the shop were in fact made from the likes of mushroom, jackfruit and even pea protein!

Customers who visited the East-End butchers were able to choose from more than a dozen high quality fresh foods, including Cumberland Shroomdogs and Veggie Ribz - much to their delight!

The animal-free products were then weighed and wrapped, ready for hungry shoppers to take home just like in a traditional store. 

Eventkeziah brown