What you’ll need: cookie cutters in your chosen shape, acrylic paints, brown parcel paper, three large potatoes, kitchen roll, a sharp vegetable knife.

Step 1: Cut parcel paper into 60cm lengths.

Step 2: Weigh the paper down at each end.

Step 3: If you want multicoloured paper, create a background for your design by spray painting it first. Leave to dry. For a rustic design just print directly onto brown paper.

Step 4: Cut a potato in half and then press a cookie cutter into it. Cut around the shape removing chunks of the potato until the edges of the cookie cutter are exposed.

Step 5: Blot the potato with kitchen roll to remove as much moisture as possible

Step 6: Remove the cookie cutter, paint the face of the design, blot away excess and stamp onto the paper. Repaint the stamper after every three stamps.

Workshopkeziah brown